Demand for the Gripster is growing as people realize they can train grip strength without putting undue strain on the shoulder joint. There's a new type of finger strength training that's gaining momentum called no hangs. It's done using The Gripster, you just attach the weight and pick it up off the ground. It isolates the fingers the same as a hang board but you are not suspending your body weight at all. Better for the shoulder, same finger strength gains .

The Gripster™ was developed by climbers for climbers. This awesome new tool will help you strengthen your fingers and improve your climbing fast.

No Hangs are an awesome new type of finger strength training for developing climbing specific strength. Training with No Hang’s is gaining more and more momentum within the climbing community as climbers who train on a regular basis for climbing, begin to realize that No hangs are a more efficient way to get stronger fingers. By switching to no hangs, you reduce the risk of rotator cuff injuries, pulley injuries, and shoulder impingements.

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